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3 Factors You Have to Know About Lubricated Condoms

“Intercourse is a single of the nine causes for reincarnation. The other 8 are unimportant.” – Henry Miller

Unless you have taken a vow of celibacy, you are most likely like me and have quite a little bit of enjoyable in the course of sex. Carried out appropriately, it is 1 of the most fulfilling pleasures existence has to offer you.

Lubricant of the key specifications for very good intercourse is correct lubrication. Too frequently, guys rush intercourse, not offering their lady enough time to get completely ready. This final results in only gentle or no lubrication and can trigger significant pain for both companions.

It also has the probably life-altering aspect impact of generating condoms simpler to split, resulting in illness and undesired being pregnant.

The 3 Items You Need to Know About Lubricated Condoms

one. Condoms lubricated with the spermicidal lubricant nonoxyl nine have been shown to lead to cancer.

2. Oil dependent lubricants need to in no way be employed with latex condoms – the oil breaks down the latex and can make the condoms less complicated to split. As an alternative, you need to have to use water dependent lubricants. Make positive you pay out consideration to these labels when utilizing lubricants.

3. Just due to the fact a condom is pre-lubricated just before you take it out of the deal does not suggest you have sufficient lubrication. Make certain your lady is normally lubricated or you use added lubricant. Many condoms are frivolously lubricated to make them simpler to handle, so using some extra gel or lotion will truly improve sexual pleasure for each of you and improve the dependability of the condom.

When it arrives to sex, too much lubrication is far better than way too minor.

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